I am a graduate of Bath Spa University where I studied my BA (Hons) Fashion and Textiles. I specialized in printed textiles. I have developed this into Surface Design for textiles and also for the interior market. My work is bold, bright and original. Feel free to take a look, and watch this space!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Animal Magic Part One

Animal Magic was the final piece of design work i did towards my degree. For this project I decided to look primarily at animals, with the intention of combining the imagery with ‘another’ element. I choose to pick animals to develop my drawing skills and because they interest me, particularly their shapes. I worked from my own photos and primary drawings, as well as looking in books for some more exotic animals. The secondary imagery I focused on was pattern, particularly gaining inspiration from the fashion of Biba, in the 1960s. I combined the animals with simple line drawings of everyday 'things' for example keys and a scissors and my ipod. Then i fitted in the patterns i created inspired by Biba into gaps to add interest to the design.

I really liked the combination of the work but it was lacking in colour, so i decided to colour them in by hand (example on the right!)......and yes it would have been easier to do it on photoshop- but no where near as satisfying!

So i coloured some in by hand, but this was only small scale, i needed to make them much bigger if they were to become anything more and for that i had to draft in help!

So i put this up in the studio for people to colour as they walked past.........so this was how it looked to start with, my simple black linear outlines of animals, objects and pattern

and soon it was looking a lot more colourful

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